Institutions of Learning or Nihilism?

Thomas RudkinsNews

The continued decline of American universities is on full display in California.  In the not so distant past the university was seen as a way to prepare for the future, learn new skills, gain a greater grasp on the meaning of life and thus be able to be a better “free” human in society.

Unfortunately, thanks to state legislators in California, universities could be forced to offer medical abortions – abortion pills in a vending machine no less.

Newman’s Idea of the University envisions the university as free of constraint so one can search for the truth unencumbered by fads and ideologies and even religious dogma i.e. the free exercise of the mind.  This potential law is obviously a fad, a ghoulish one, that believes a “fetus” must perish for one to be truly free.  Obviously this falls short of what a university should be.

If the simpler definition of the university as “an institution of higher learning” is desired, then the proposed law in this light also falls short.  It disregards science’s take that tells us human DNA is present at conception.  That is no small “moral” thing nor is it a small “scientific” thing.  This is not higher learning but quite the opposite.

By allowing such ill-conceived policies to flourish, the public university today, the one that receives tax payer dollars, is reduced to just another place nihilistic ideology has taken root in our educational system – a vital node in the free function of a healthy, value based society…

Clearly, we should pray and fight these laws and reject these false prophets that pose as ‘feminists’ or ‘freedom fighters’.  Our society longs for the days of innocence and true freedom and hope, not ideologies of desperation and untruths. 

Options United can provide healthy and free help to women at these universities. More often than not, what is needed is a healthy, positive view of life and a kind voice.  With your help we can continue this struggle.  To read current status of the law here is one article.