Silent Chaplains of Secular Culture?

Thomas RudkinsBlog

The republic we live in requires that power be delegated to our representatives; leaders we choose to represent our values, needs, concerns.

Leaders must have character to guide their choices, reject pride, vanity etc. and navigate competing interests so the common good is attained.

That is why today’s silence and lack of moral courage from our elected officials and other leaders regarding the protection of  innocent life is distressing.

Despite a strong and growing pro-life movement, the inaction from leaders is all too familiar: article.  Perhaps it is easy to overlook the “easy” pro-life vote or avoid the pro-lifers annoying insistence.

It is, however, our responsibility to not become discouraged, to fight the good fight.  We have to resist the temptation of giving in to defeat.  We should not be the passive “chaplains to a dominant secular culture” –  as one author put it.

Quitters never win.  The common good implies we are all in this together.  If we do our part actively and never concede defeat in the culture war, then we will never lose.  Why?  Because truth is on our side. We win if we don’t quit.