Laws for Fetal Homicide

Thomas RudkinsBlog

If you are responsible for the death of a pregnant woman, in most states you are also charged with the death of her unborn child. However, a case in Colorado has grabbed national headlines both for the heartbreaking death of 3 people (not 4 people) and for the “loss” of an unborn person…

As odd as that sounds, in Colorado the unborn child is not considered a person and not considered as serious a matter under homicide laws.

38 states have fetal homicide laws. Why not all 50 states?  It should not be a dispute that unborn child is human – science and common sense ensures us this to be true? Read more here.

Options United regularly speaks with women and assists them so they can eventually choose life for their unborn. If given time to reflect calmly on her situation a woman comes to see “it” as not just a problem but eventually as “child”. Colorado should reflect on the sacredness of human life and improve their law so the unborn are equally protected by law.