Admitting Mistakes: Birth Control & a Prophetic Document

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Admitting Mistakes: Natural v. Chemical Birth Control

To find the truth we sometimes need to be ready to admit any mistakes we may have made…  Without humility there can be no truth.

Much ink has been sacrificed to explain away why the “nuclear family” is in decline.  Unfortunately in today’s age of “sacral politics” the only answer we can come up with is blaming public policy or the other party.

It is true that dependence on anything – including government hand-outs, is never going to resolve anything longer than the hand-out or palliative lasts.  Public policy definitely needs to be based on sound reason.

However, what about our own choices?  What about cultural influences we allow or even promote that have a dramatic effect in the world we live?  After all, as free people our actions carve the shape of our world.

It was way back in the 1930’s when the Christian community split on birth control and thus split too on the nature of marriage and relationship.

A corrective was offered fifty years ago in the form of a profound and prophetic document.  Here is the viewpoint of one outside the Catholic community, one who is aware that humility is the way to find truth, happiness.

Read the testimony here of Alysse ElHage a writer and editor based in North Carolina. She is a member of Women Speak for Themselves.