A new site, and much more!


Communication is key. The better we can communicate our mission, our successes, and the things we’ve learned, the better relationship we can build with you, and the more impact we can have.

So, we built a new site that better connects you to Options United’s life-saving strategies, but we are doing more than that . . .

In the next couple weeks, if you’re signed up to receive our emails, you’ll receive a survey (please share your opinion!!), as will thousands of others in the pro-life movement. This survey will give us a clear picture of the current state of the pro-life movement.

Why is this important? Because our mission is collaborative, we are sharing the results of the survey with all of the major pro-life organizations to better inform the entire movement on where we are, what matters most, and where YOU think we need to be going.

We are also putting together an e-book reporting on the top reasons women consider abortion (we will send a FREE copy to you once it is ready, if you’re signed up for our emails!). We’re looking at every element of our strategy and tying it to data from surveys and reports in order to save more lives. This e-book report will help us better understand and help abortion-minded women.

These are just a couple of examples of changes underway, so when you check out the new site, don’t just see it as an aesthetic improvement, but a piece of a much bigger strategy to SAVE MORE LIVES!