Pregnancy Centers Win at the Supreme Court!

Thomas RudkinsBlog

The Supreme Court ruled that forcing pro-life pregnancy centers to advertise for abortions is a violation of free speech! In a vote of 5-4, the Justices ruled that the state of California crossed the line when it passed a law requiring pregnancy centers to post signs in their lobby in a “conspicuous place” and be “8.5 inches by 11 inches and written in no less than 22-point type,” stating that California’s public programs provide free or low-cost abortions, and includes phone numbers to call.

It also states that these programs provide prenatal care – just like the pregnancy center whose lobby is being commandeered. If a pro-life center objected to posting the sign that tells people to get prenatal care elsewhere and promotes abortion, they could be fined heavily and closed down.

The National Institute of Family and Life Advocates (NIFLA) represents 135 pregnancy centers in California, and brought the case against the state, represented by Alliance Defending Freedom. They argued all the way to the Supreme Court that this law was a violation of the centers’ free speech and faith, because it forced them to promote a practice that they, obviously, morally opposed, if they wanted to continue to help women.

“[The law] was a brilliant political move on their part,” says Thomas Glessner, founder and president of NIFLA. “It mandates under law that the pro-life centers are advertising for abortion.”

With this win, similar laws in Hawaii and Illinois are on shaky ground, and numerous other laws in the works across the country could be halted.

The Supreme Court sent a strong message that abortion giants like Planned Parenthood or state funded programs can’t use the law to remove options for women. It’s in the best interest of women to have more options for healthcare, not less.

Women are more than smart enough and capable enough to choose where to get their healthcare; the government doesn’t need to “protect” them by restricting their options. And if pro-life centers, like the ones we partner with, are providing excellent care for free or a minimal cost, isn’t in the best interest of everyone to let them continue?

We’re glad the Supreme Court agrees, and the pro-life pregnancy centers that we work with will be free to continue offering excellent care.