Options United’s Trained Responders Are Saving Lives

Thomas RudkinsBlog

Wendy says working for Options United brought her “many blessings throughout my personal journey.” But it certainly wasn’t easy, especially when others discriminated against her for her pro-life views and work.

As Wendy was preparing for graduate school, a professor she greatly respected declined her request for a referral due to her work, stating she “knew about organizations of ‘that type’ that were non-empathetic towards women.”

Wendy was heartbroken, “I began to doubt myself and was ashamed to share this with others, as I felt no one would understand me, and feared to be judged again,”

But the next day in a different class, another professor began a lecture on fetal development, speaking passionately about the initial stages of life and Wendy felt her fears go away,  “I couldn’t help but cry because I felt God speak to me through her and confirm how beautiful life and His creation is.”

After class, Wendy felt strengthened and shared what had happened to her with the previous professor and she found out this professor was a Christian and pro-life!  Not only did this professor encourage Wendy, she wrote her a strong letter of recommendation for graduate school. As a result, God opened up new and greater doors for Wendy, and she was accepted to Pepperdine University for their Clinical Psychology/MFT program!

Wendy didn’t forget about her other professor.   Instead of becoming bitter, she prayed for her and wrote a kind email thanking her for her honest response. Wendy clarified in the letter that “at Options United, we actually did quite the opposite of ‘unethical’ and ‘non-empathetic’ behavior in that we compassionately spoke and offered support to all women, regardless of their decision.”

“Throughout this beautiful mission, the enemy is constantly attacking us and trying to tear us down,” Wendy attests. “It seems that the closer we get to God, the more our faith is challenged. This spiritual battle is not easy, but trust God, as He will always be with us to protect and love us.”

Options United Call Responders are sometimes the first person a women facing an unplanned pregnancy talks to, and there’s no one better to take those life-affirming calls than our well-trained staff.