Health vs. Choice: Supreme Court Allows Arkansas Law to Stand

Thomas RudkinsNews

The United States Supreme Court decided not to weigh in on the Arkansas law that restricts medically induced abortions, making the state the first to “ban” medical abortions.

The 2015 law has the support of the Arkansas legislature, governor and attorney general.  Opposing the law is Planned Parenthood which sued saying it placed undue stress on women seeking abortion and had the real goal of putting abortion providers out of business.

A circuit court of three judges ruled that this was not the case.  The Supreme Court did not take up the matter.  Arkansas shows that health concerns are valid and creates a real, fact based challenge to those who argue from the “choice” aspect only.

Society has a duty to debate and resolve this in a way that benefits the welfare of the unborn and the mother as opposed to the slogan “pro-choice”.  Does choice matter more than life and health?

Finally, why a business who profits from abortion is considered an objective authority on the matter is a mystery.

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