2 Reasons I Started Options United

Thomas RudkinsBlog

I have often been asked “why did you start Options United?”

Two experiences in particular lead me down this road.

While researching for a paper on phenomenology & morality (seriously!) I came across a piece in First Things magazine called A Failure to Communicateby Paul Swope. Mr. Swope was reviewing research done by Dr. Charles Kenny of The Right Brain People.

I was amazed to find how the powerful rhetoric of “choice” created a conundrum for the abortion minded woman. It was so insidious, according to the research, that a woman experiencing an unplanned pregnancy considered her unborn child as “death” to herself. Within this mindset the child was a choice and not another person. Motherhood, adoption and abortion are all seen as evil because they did not resolve her problem. Adoption, in fact, was the greatest of all evils since it left the issue open for years to come while people would judge her and think of her as a bad mother. Abortion unfortunately was the least of evils and the easier option.

It was hard to believe that someone could come to this this conclusion. I thought as a country we were better than this. Something stirred in me to make it right. That feeling continues to this day.

The second experience came when I was working in the pro-life arena. My goal was to raise enough funding to change culture using mass media. At that time there was no hint of digital marketing. So, the only way was to buy TV advertisements.

It was the early 2000’s and I was working in Los Angeles. Purchasing just a few weeks of advertisement cost upwards of $300,000. Hundreds of thousands of dollars. Poof! Gone into thin air – TV air time. For a small nonprofit TV Air time was not sustainable. Donors wanted to see results and impact before reinvesting into another round of advertisements.

Not only was TV extremely expensive, but the pro-life movement was not united to benefit from such a media effort. How could we work together, save lives, encourage life – if there was no common strategy? The pro-life landscape was fragmented with dozens of websites, phone numbers and approaches. We could not run one media campaign without a communication hub to help those who reached out to us. We could not measure our success without some sort of infrastructure. There had to be a better way.

For these reasons I started Options United: to use a common marketing strategy and “one number one solution” program that serves the overarching goal of the pro-life movement.

To accomplish our goals we have to overcome the current “isolated strategy” in favor of a “collaborative impact strategy.” We should not focus on what divides us (terminology, techniques, branding, local politics) but what unites us. The pro-life movement should act as a movement, respect differences but embrace our commonality: the preservation of life and changing culture to respect life at all stages.

In future blogs I’ll discuss more about this strategy.

I can tell you this – the future is bright! 2,000 babies are alive and well today thanks to this humble effort. 2,000 moms overcame their initial fear and now know the beauty of their child’s face.

Rocky is the newest alumni, newly adopted.

His small smile is the face of our future, a gift of God.

We need your support to save more babies, like little Rocky!

Give a lifeline to a woman facing an unplanned pregnancy today!

By joining with Options United you are saving lives — little, innocent children born who would have otherwise suffered the atrocity of abortion.

Options United, with your support and prayers, is reaching mothers at a vulnerable decision point with help, counseling, information, love, and life-saving options. And we know that it takes $76 to save a life.

$76 covers all an abortion-determined woman needs to choose life.

You Can Make A Difference!!