Study: Abortion Hurts Women

Thomas RudkinsNews

On the heels of the sad vote in Ireland to liberalize abortion laws, a new and authoritative study describes alarming side-effects of abortion.  The finding: abortion hurts women.

Much triumphalism accompanied by slogans, half-truths and outright lies were common during the push to make abortion legal in Ireland.  Pro-lifer’s were, of course demonized, large internet companies picked sides (yes, the internet is now used to suppress freedoms) and fact and truth were pretty much overshadowed by emotions and celebrities lecturing us.

However, the British Journal of Psychiatry a few years back published a different account of abortion. It hurts women.  Several studies in fact show that real, serious risks are common for those who consider abortion.  Did proponents of liberal abortion laws in Ireland care about this, care about women?  Really?

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