What it Takes to Walk out of an Abortion Clinic

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She was terrified. She wanted out. But was it too late?

“Maddie” had called the Options United helpline a week before, asking about abortion, saying she’d had some cramping. The volunteer recommended that she start with an ultrasound to make sure she hadn’t already miscarried. Maddie seemed open to this but never returned phone calls to schedule an appointment.

Until today. Maddie was calling from inside the abortion clinic!When they began to dilate her to begin the abortion, she knew she didn’t want to go through with it. She wanted to keep that baby, desperately.

She sat up and told the abortion workers that she had changed her mind. “It’s too late … there’s nothing else you can do,” they told her. When they left the room,she called Options United.

“You CAN leave!” the trained responder assured her and explained that help would be waiting for her at the pregnancy center. With every second counting, Option United’s trained responder connected her to a doctor who worked at the center. Maddie stayed in the abortion clinic until she heard the doctor say he might be able to save her baby. Without a word to anyone,she got up … and just walked out.

The doctor met her at the pregnancy center and stopped the dilation. The abortion clinic called, and told her she had a very high risk of having a premature baby with possible disabilities or miscarrying, and encouraged her to go back to their clinic.

But on the ultrasound, Maddie saw her 19-week-old healthy baby boy for the first time!

“I’m FINE,” Maddie told the clinic, and hung up!

Maddie is taking all medications prescribed and put herself on restrictions to do everything possible to protect her son. The pregnancy center’s doctor gave her his cell number, and let her know to call him at any time. She scheduled another ultrasound and is looking forward to it.

“Thank you, thank you, thank you!” Maddie kept telling the volunteers and the doctor.

To be honest, we at Options United are the grateful ones. Our supporters make stories like this possible!

Options United has a proven track record, taking over 10,000 calls a year, working with over 1,700 pregnancy centers, and saving over 2,000 lives.

And we’d love for you to be a part of this work!

You won’t find a better return on investment than knowing that women like Maddie will get to hold her baby boy for the first time.

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