New National Partnership with eKYROS!

Thomas RudkinsPress Release

PASADENA, California. – March 2018 – and Options United are now national partners! Previously, Options United and eKyros were only operating together in the state of California using Pluslink, their online scheduling system for pregnancy centers and clinics. As of early 2018, any pregnancy resource center or clinic that uses Ekyros or WayCool can receive appointments from Options United. All they have to do is add Options United as a call center on their software scheduler.   

eKyros was formed in 1999, to help pregnancy centers and clinics streamline statistics and reporting. By creating this unique software, tailored to the life-saving efforts of the pro-life movement, pregnancy centers and clinics can spend less time on the computer and more time-saving lives! The meaning behind eKyros – kyros is a Greek New Testament word meaning “a God-given favorable opportunity.” The “e” stands for “electronic.”

Brian Paul, Co-Founder of eKyros said, “We are honored to be able to partner with Options United; I believe we are better together.”

Thomas Rudkins said, “ eKyros has for years provided cutting-edge software in service of the pro-life movement.  Their online scheduler has helped us and hundreds of pregnancy clinics across the United States better serve women and their unborn.  We are excited to be their national partner.”

To find out more about eKyros and how its services can help your local pregnancy resource center, visit