New Partnership with the Diocese of Oakland!

Thomas RudkinsNews

Bishop Michael C. Barber, SJ, announced that the Diocese of Oakland will be partnering with Options United and pro-life pregnancy centers and clinics in the formation of Options United for Life: Northern California Pregnancy Resource Collaborative Network.

The Diocese of Oakland is thefifth Diocese to endorse and support Options United.

Bishop Barber said,

“One of the top priorities of the Diocese of Oakland Respect Life Program is to build a Culture of Life through unity,” Bishop Barber said in announcing the partnership. “Uniting all available pregnancy centers and parishes in our Diocese to better assist women in an unplanned, crisis pregnancy is an urgent and practical task. We have found a valuable partner in Options United to accomplish these priorities.”

Options United works with pregnancy centers and clinics in Northern California. This allows the Diocese of Oakland to promote one phone number (877.398.7734) and one website ( as the solution for women facing unintended pregnancies, seeking parenting resources, researching adoption referrals, and postabortion counseling. “The ability to offer local, practical, and life-affirming resources is integral to our prolife mission and something that is very important to our parishes and schools,” explained Bishop Barber. “They greatly appreciate the collaborative spirit of Options United that allows them to effectively and easily help women choose life.”

Options United also provides an “App for Life (,” an innovative approach to pro-life action to energize parish ministries and encourage a new generation to become personally involved. The app’s primary purpose is to invite people to pray regularly for women in crisis as they are making decisions regarding their pregnancy.

“I encourage those who have ministries in the culture of life arena to collaborate with Options United and this initiative,” Bishop Barber said. “This type of unity and collective marketing is what is so needed in our often-fragmented efforts. The ability to offer local, practical and life-affirming resources in a collaborative spirit, is integral to our pro-life mission of helping one another and of helping women choose life.”

The Diocese of Oakland serves two counties in the East Bay region, Alameda and Contra Costa, and includes approximately 400,000 Catholics in 84 parishes.