Our unitive strategy resolves disjointed efforts that forces pro-life organizations to operate in collaborative isolation from each other. 


The common complaint of donors is that the pro-movement is fragmented, lacks focus and does not use well its resources.

PLIF views the pro-life movement as one singular unit striving to preserve innocent life.  

PLIF then provides a common hub of services: centralized online outreach, contact center and financial grants to drive effectiveness and efficiency within the pro-life movement.

The result is your charity dollar saves more lives, waste of resources is limited and the pro-life movement is stronger and united

Purchasing search engine ads ‘in bulk’ that serve all organizations makes achieving results cost-effective and competitive.
One Number One Solution
hotline and referral service is perfectly adapted to a broad geographic marketing plan serving all organizations.
One donation supports all pro-life organizations in an area & builds unity with services and grants. No matter the donation size we can achieve efficient local results.

PLIF is uniquely designed to create more impact and harmony for the pro-life movement.

PLIF works to reach more women before they ever need the services of an abortion provider.

PLIF simplifies charitable giving so that one donation funds many pro-life organizations. 

There Are 4 Pillars Of The Foundation

  • No Waste

    PLIF guarantees 99% of funding goes directly to the work of helping women and their unborn & not to operational costs or mismanaged projects with no proven track record.

  • All Benefit

    There is a clear distribution of funds to ensure all pro-life organizations in an area benefit directly life-affirming works.

  • Big Impact

    No matter the donation size, $25 or $1,000,000, every dollar can be accounted for locally. The program has a proven track record for over 12 years and is the most cost-effective program of its kind.

  • Legacy

    If you would like to leave a pro-life legacy for years to come, PLIF makes it possible to support many organizations long term. You can rest assured that your charitable gift whether large or small will have the greatest impact possible.

PLIF’s novel approach can reach the entire nation at the click of a button with a proven program that saves lives.    
Legacy & Philanthropy

Consider leaving a legacy of life by giving. 

    • Leverage any sort of gifting strategy for you or your clients
    • Quick one-time gifting to PLIF
    • Easy set-up of donor advised funds (DAF)
    • Accommodates tax strategies
    • Useful for planned giving & any type of Trust
    • An invitation for more people to build a personal pro-life legacy
    • An opportunity to endow a pro-life future for our country
    • A strategic way for one to fulfill the Christian duty to protect innocent and the vulnerable
PLIF seeks any level of gifting.

    • $25 is what it costs to receive a crisis inquiry
    • $100 to make a life-saving referral to a local center or clinic
    • $3,000 mo. to cover ad cost for an entire metro or media market
    • $6,000 mo. to cover ad cost and call center for an entire metro or media market
    • $150,000 yr. to compete aggressively with abortion providers in each metro or media market (franchise)
    • $1M + can fund multiple markets covering hundreds of nonprofit prolife centers and save hundreds of lives (franchise)


PLIF originates in California with franchising opportunities available across the US.  A new franchise can be set up virtually overnight.  If you or your client are interested in finding out what a franchise can do in your state or region you can reach out to us at



No other issue affects the soul of our nation like the pro-life cause. A trustworthy and turn-key strategy like PLIF is what is needed to ensure that this generation passes along not only financial wealth, but a wealth of family values. We believe we must do all we can to ensure a pro-life future for America.

Advisory Board Charter



    The goal of PLIF is to compete with abortion providers by winning over their customer base before they even need their services. The best way to compete is by establishing a foundation that strategically deploys the pooled resources that galvanizes the pro-life movement.

    *Disclosure: PLIF is a restricted Fund at Christian Foundation of America (CFA).  Options United’s (OU) PLIF Advisory Board makes grant recommendations to CFA for release to participating pregnancy centers and for OU’s strategic marketing, call center and referral services.  Charitable gifts to the PLIF may remain anonymous at the request of the donor, with general gift receipts issued by CFA.