Should we compromise morals for a cure?

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The Trump Administration halted fetal tissue research in 2018. However, with a rush to get the COVID vaccination approved as soon as possible there has been some pressure on the president to lift restrictions.

Although, there has been no indication of this restriction to be lifted there are those that oppose the protection of life. 15 state Attorney Generals have sent a letter to the administration to stop the restrictions in light of the pandemic.

Thankfully there are still those that fiercely oppose the unethical use of aborted babies for research. Over a hundred members of congress wrote a letter in opposition urging the president to stick with the current policy.

PER.C6 Technology

Yet there are loopholes as well as the ability for these developing vaccines to be funded without federal dollars.

Johnson and Johnson under Janessen Pharmaceuticals is developing a vaccination using PER.C6 technology. PER.C6 technology is a cell line from fetal tissue taken from a fetus at 18 weeks.

They are creating this vaccination with the help of over 400 million dollars from the US government.

What vaccinations are being unethically created?

Currently, there are over 40 vaccinations in progress around the world. The majority of these vaccinations and trials do not involve the unethical use of aborted babies.

Without doing a bit of reading, it is easy to be deceived into thinking all vaccinations for COVID are being ethically created.

It is useful to know what sorts of technology is actually abortion derived since many research centers will not outright post it. Some may use the terminology such as human derived cells but this can also be derived from stem cells from consenting adults or umbilical cord stem cells.

Vaccinations derived from abortions are not the only option

Vaccinations that have been created with the help of abortions are not only unethical, it’s unnecessary. A COVID vaccination is necessary but we can have access to one without giving up our morals.