Changing Minds on Abortion by Making Jokes

Jaclyn Hake Link Only

Humor is something that can speak to nearly everyone. But how does someone apply humor to such a serious subject such as abortion? Laura Klassen, a pro-life activist based in Canada is starting to gain attention with this.

She recently had an article written about her from the abortion supporting media outlet VICE. As pro-lifers what can we learn about this? Well, humor is an easy way to point out the hypocrisy of abortion being seen as healthcare or even lifesaving.

One of Klassen’s more popular videos is “the magical birth canal”. You can watch it here. It highlights the common pro-choice viewpoint of babies in the womb being seen as clumps of cells rather than human life.

She’s stated for the most part she has had a lot of support from the pro-life community. However, there are some that do not get her sarcasm.

Whether you’re a fan of hers or not one thing that is certain is the use of humor in pointing out the illogical viewpoints of abortion is growing.