10 Year Anniversary Highlights

Our 10-Year Legacy: 2,500 Lives Saved

Options United turned 10 years old on 9/9/09!  We have the same birthday as California coincidentally – or not!

Options United started to address the need for unity in the pro-life movement and we knew technology could be used to fill in some of the gaps. With so many wonderful pro-life groups out there, it’s vital we work together for our shared goal – to create a life-affirming culture.

Over the past 10 years, Options United has been blessed with so many wonderful donors, supporters, prayer warriors, staff, volunteers, board members, and partnerships.

We’ve even confirmed over 2,500 babies were saved after their mothers called Options United in search of help!

Seeing how far we’ve come is surreal. To celebrate this momentous occasion, we’ve spent the last 9 days posting celebratory content on our YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and website.

We’ve discussed the importance of prayer in our organization, why Options United was founded, and how we supplement other pro-life organizations.

We’ve highlighted our incredible call responders, the dedicated pregnancy resource center and clinics worldwide, and our other partners in adoption and post-abortive counseling.

Allow us to say thank you to our partners!

Thank you for every capacity in which you’ve helped and supported Options United. It may be cliche to say, but we truly could not impact lives without you. What you do for us positively affects the lives of many in need and I am eternally grateful for that.

So here’s to another 10 years and thousands more babies saved!

For Life,
Thomas Rudkins

P.S. Please check out our last bits of content below. We have videos from pro-life celebrities celebrating our 10th anniversary, as well as quotes from two of our board members and blogs on how the pro-life movement can impact our culture through modern technology.

Thanks again and take care!

Pro-Life Celebrities Join the Celebration!

Kevin Sorbo, Joy Villa, and Dean Cain kindly sent videos of celebration and congratulations for our 10th anniversary! Check out all of the videos on our YouTube channel.

Creating an Online Presence and Setting the Example of Human Dignity

Technology and the internet have completely saturated our lives. Big Tech and the pro-life movement seem to be exact opposites in both values and tactics. Sometimes, the pro-life movement fails to effectively use modern technology and the internet. At Options United, our goal is to be the remedy to this. Check out the two latest blog entries from Options United’s President Thomas Rudkins. He addresses how the pro-life movement and Big Tech can benefit from working in unison to make a better world for all.




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